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We provide the healthiest, safest personal vaporizer and batteries that will provide the most satisfying vaping experience available today.   At Kangertech®, we are constantly improving and developing cutting-edge innovations to achieve the highest quality products.    We have been on the cutting edge of vaporing equipment and technology since 2007 offering the newest innovation with the highest premium quality that creates the best value.


Click Here to browse our official online store and shop for a wide variety of Kangertech replacement parts.  KangerTech uses healthy and eco-friendly Japanese organic cotton for our wicks rather than ceramic fiber, which is dangerous to health (irritation of skin, eye and lung damage, tumors).


Why choose KangerTech Vaporizers, Atomizers and Batteries?

  •   Green products with no discarded cigarette "butts" littering the environment
  •  Healthier products with no toxic substances found in tobacco products
  •  Saves money.  Much lower cost than smoking
  • Vape anytime, anywhere without offensive smells
  • Virtually odorless.  Aromatic odors such as pleasant fruit, mint, and candy can be used.
  •  No harm of first or second-hand smoke
  • Won't stain or damage teeth and skin
  • No fire hazards!  Won't burn holes in clothes, car seats or furniture.
  • Easy to use and convenient (do not need matches, lighters or ignition)
  • Easy to carry and store in purse or pockets
  • Extremely satisfying replacement for tobacco smoking habits.

KangerTech® is the most advanced, high-technology Personal Vaporizer manufacturer in the world. 
KangerTech US is now located in a new Sales & Service Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Vaporizer tanks, atomizers, and batteries that prevent leaks.

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Who We Are

Find the very best Personal Vaporizer devices from KangerTech®  for your alternative smoking needs. We are a leader in the manufacturing of premium Personal Vaporizer devices (atomizers/batteries).

KangerTech® is the most advanced, high-tech Personal Vaporizer manufacturer in the world and has been on the forefront of vaping equipment and technology since 2007. Our company offers cutting-edge innovations with the highest-premium quality that creates the best value for both the customer and retailer.

KangerTech® provides the healthiest personal vaporizer device choices in this growing industry and market. We now have a new service & distribution center in Atlanta, Georgia as well as sales offices in Atlanta and New Jersey to better serve the United States market.

You'll find that our high-quality devices do not have a burning smell due to our vaporizer. We were the first company to introduce the rechargeable vaporizer. Our parent company has been in business for more than eight years.


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